Brexit? What blanket?

I’ve decided that enough is enough. You will see that I have moved a row of cream to the right, and that is where it will stay. The whole Brexit process is seemingly delayed for days, weeks, or even years by yesterday’s comments. I’m not prepared to create more mess with these colours so as far as I’m concerned this is finished apart from the border.

For the time being I’m bundling it away until I can see it more clearly, and that may be some time! Tomorrow I will be starting on something a little more colourful and I can’t wait!


Brexit Blanket #100? What now?

The story so far:

What a mess! And the mess seemingly continues. The square on the bottom right indicates that we are still confined by Europe. In theory Day 100 was to be marked by the border to signify that we had left, but we obviously haven’t so the blanket will continue. Today’s square will be made after today’s vote and be added to the top left. The cream (representing ‘white’ lies) will make a good barrier!

You can read a little more about it here